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You need to show up in your local traffic court on the date printed on your ticket, if you intend to fight your Georgia traffic ticket. The county where the violation occurred and the type of violation will determine the location of the court; you can also find this information out by contacting the Georgia court system administrative offices.


As long as you show up at the designated court on the designated date, you don't usually need to inform the court that you are contesting your violation and pleading not guilty. Contact your local traffic court if you have lost your ticket, or if it doesn't indicate a hearing date. If you need to reschedule your court date for any reason, try to do this as far ahead as possible.


You can count on having your driver license suspended if you simply fail to show up for your appointed court hearing, so always cancel and reschedule if you cant make it. You may lose your driving privileges instead of receiving a jail sentence; this is known as a driver's license as bail.


Are you facing a Traffic Violation?


If you have received speeding tickets or other traffic violations, an experienced and reliable attorney with the McDonald & Cody Law Firm can help you to determine which options are best for you. If you need to get your hearing rescheduled, contact us - don't just not bother to show up on the day. If you want to plead guilty to a lesser charge, we can help you with that.


All charges will be dismissed if you are found not guilty at your court hearing, and just as importantly, your driving record won't reflect the charges. However, there may be further penalties assessed against you if the court finds you guilty, including the accumulation of pints, county court costs and traffic fines. If you are found guilty of certain offenses, such as DUI, you may be required to undergo an educational or safe driving class, and your license may be revoked or suspended especially for a repeated offense. Your court may have a specific policy on the time frame in which you are able to file an appeal, although typically you have 180 days from when the verdict was given, to file.


Become Familiar with The Georgia Point System


It's worth you becoming familiar with the points system in Georgia, which assesses points for speeding tickets and other traffic violations, and your license can be suspended if you accrue enough points. If you were found not guilty by the court, you should not have been assessed any points, although mistakes do happen and it is worth checking your driving record for accuracy every so often.


One of the downsides of being found guilty of a traffic violation is a potential increase in the amount of your insurance premium, and a reliable insurance agent can advise you on what to expect at renewal time. However, the insurance company will take into account your overall driving record, as well as the exact nature of the violation; it all depends on your insurance company's policies. Of course, it makes sense to do some shopping around to try to get the lowest car insurance rates you can, especially if yours has just increased due to a traffic violation.


Nobody wants to be given a speeding ticket, but now paying a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket is quick and safe when you pay it online.




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