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State Court That Handles Speeding Tickets In Georgia


Tickets For Speeding Servicing All of North Georgia.

State courts exercise limited jurisdiction within one county. These judges hear misdemeanors including traffic violations. If you are in State Court we can help.


Georgia Has Several Mandatory Suspension Crime Found in Title 40 of the Georgia Code


Municipal Court


Cities and towns in Georgia establish municipal courts to handle traffic offenses and local ordinance violations.  Municipal court judges are often appointed by the mayor.  Some are elected.  There are more than 350 municipal courts operating in Georgia.

Georgia is tough with traffic offenders. If you are ticketed, you may attend traffic school in hopes of reducing the number of points assigned to your license or stripping the ticket from your driving record.


Hang onto the citation the officer gives to you

it has all the information you need to resolve your ticket. A date will be written by the officer somewhere on the ticket (sometimes at the bottom, sometimes near the top). This is the date of your first court appearance. If this date was not given to you call our office now.


If you wish to avoid going to court by pleading guilty and paying the fine on the ticket, do so at least three (3) weeks before the court date indicated. This will give the courts time to process your payment―and give you time to follow up to be sure your account was credited. If you are late with your payment and fail to show up in court, additional hefty fines will be imposed, your license will be suspended could be and a warrant could be issued for your arrest.


Also on this ticket will be the offense(s) you are charged with. Most times, the citation will also include the fine you must pay. If the amount is not on the ticket, call our firm. You'll need to wait a minimum week to 10 days after getting the ticket though; it will take about that long for the ticket to be processed and show up in the system.


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In Georgia if you do not want to appear in court you should contact this firm to help. Most Courts will require a valid and legitimate reason for your non-appearance.  The Trooper or Deputy or Officer will not be required to appear on the initial date in some instances. We suggest you contact an attorney to make sure you do or do not have to appear in court. A member of the firm’s traffic division will help you make the best use of your time and may be able to offer a document to formally and legally excuse your presence in court. We can help you contest your ticket but you must give us a call first at: 877.847.8323 or 888.351.9459 or if after work hours 706.244.4994 (our investigator Sam)


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